Safe at home

A few summers ago, I went to the Bahamas with my son and husband for a friend’s destination wedding. We stayed in the most amazing resort hotel I’ve ever been in—terra cotta floors, ceiling fans, fancy post bed that felt like a cloud, fresh pastries delivered daily. We felt totally pampered. But as good as staying in a place like that feels, nothing matches the comforting feeling of walking back into my own home—dust and clutter and the oven that always needs cleaning and all.

As I reflect on the “home” theme for Creative Every Day this month, I’m constantly drawn back to the same images of comfort, safety, security. Home feels like an embrace. That’s what this mixed media work on 15 1/4 x 16 paper  is about. The world around me can be in total chaos, but home is sanctuary—the place where I can breathe the sigh of relief that releases all the tensions of the day.

Today as I napped I felt wrapped in blanket of comfort  as I listened to the familiar “noise” of my 10-year-old son as he roamed the house. He retrieved things from his room, returned to watching his movie, opened and closed doors, sang the wrong lyrics to the hip-hop songs. In a world that is so full of things that can go wrong, I am so happy to have a place where my son doesn’t have to worry about any of it—yet.

Each day when I awake and each night before I go to sleep, I thank God for my home and the family it protect and nurtures.



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2 responses to “Safe at home

  1. I love your artwork – especially “Safe at Home”.
    I too feel blessed to be home – to know this is my safe haven.

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