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Finding my way

Map1Each year for Christmas, I like to “surprise” myself with art books as gifts. I order the books way ahead of time, wrap them and put them under the tree. I then forget what I ordered and when I open the gift with my name on it on Christmas morning–surprise!

One of my “surprises” this year was Personal Geographies: Explorations in Mixed-Media Mapmaking. I have always loved maps–the lines, the swirls, the shapes, the open invitation to imagine other places. So I love the idea of using the components of maps to make personal art.

The book has exercises in it to get you going on creating these maps. But when I sat down to work on this big piece of paper, using some squeeze bottle craft paints, I had no intention of making a map. However, the notion must have already seeped into my brain because this sure does look like a map.

I don’t think I’m finished with it, so it might not look anything like this when I’m done. I may even tear it up and use it in collages. I just find it fascinating what the brain takes in and what the Muse does with that information.


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I’ve been working on this mixed media piece for several weeks, first by playing with lines that turned into trees. I collaged the trees on canvas, then added the lady in red because I find it difficult to NOT include the spirit of women in my artwork. I let it sit, looking at it off and on, waiting to see what it wanted. This weekend I felt that it wanted silver circles that shimmer in the daylight and seem to disappear at night. I may or may not be finished with this. I’ll wait a bit and see.

Do you do that, too? Wait for your art to tell you what it needs and wants? Or am I the only crazy person?


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AEDM (12 and 13): How to ruin a painting

This weekend I’ve learned how to ruin a painting:

1. Start with a simple drawing on canvas that you like.

2. Add color and love it even more.

3. Add black outlines, have the paint spit black paint out of the lines.

4. Try to clean up some of the black.

5. Decide that the black lines were a complete mistake and try to paint over them, but not completely get rid of them.

6. Keep working paint over the vibrant colors originally laid down until yo suck the life out of it.

7. Start to panic and collage over the paint.

8. Keep working in horror as you dig your self deeper and deeper into a painting you now hate.

9. Complain to your husband that you have ruined your painting, hear him say, “no, it’s not ruin, it’s just part of the process,” nod, know that he is right, but still feel crappy.

10. Go to bed thinking about how you will fix the monstrosity, awake convinced you know what to do, do it and make it worse. Give up for the day with what you see here for Art Every Day Month.

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Painting into corners

In Progress

In Progress

Have you ever started working on a painting or mixed media piece with a vision and suddenly—or not so suddenly—find yourself in a corner wondering where to go next? Well, that happens to me more often than I care to think about.

This piece has been sitting in my studio now for about two months. I began with a very distinct idea of what I wanted to create. I had a great drawing in my sketchbook that I wanted to turn into a painting. I decided to do it in mosaic pieces. However, when I put the figure on the canvas she was too small and out of proportion. So I began to cover her over with geometric mosaic pieces.

…and then…the corner. What now? I keep looking at the piece trying to figure out what I want to do, but I don’t know yet. Part of me really likes it so far and I’m afraid I’ll “mess” it up–even though I don’t even know what “it” is yet. Crazy, huh?

Come on, my creative people. Tell me what you think of this piece and offer some ideas about where you think I might want to go next. Or tell me how you get unstuck in situations like this. I would really appreciate the input.

In Progress (detail)

In Progress (detail)


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New work

I’ve been sitting with this painting for the past week, trying to decide whether I’m finished with it. It originally was a canvas covered in African masks floating about. I never really liked the painting because it seemed disjointed. However, I had it elaborately (expensively) framed anyway. It was one of the pieces that I found sitting in water last month when my basement flooded. I was going to throw it all away, despite the expense of the frame. Instead, I decided to save the canvas and frame and dry them out.

In the spirit of realizing that sometimes things that are considered lost to you can be “found” again, I have painted over this canvas to give it a new life. It is symbolic of my willingness to let go of things and realize that they are never truly lost. (If you look closely, you can still see the masks floating in the background.) I may do some collage work on the woman’s dress, but I’m still thinking about it. I do like the movement in the piece and the drama of it.


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Home work

Here are two more offerings this week for the theme of home for Creative Every Day. I did these last week when I was feeling better than I am now, but I didn’t scan them in until today. So here they are. One a 9 x 12 watercolor pencil sketch of a family, which is the very essence of home. The one  below is a work-in-progress done using mixed media over map paper.


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Body work No. 6: Soulful


Inspired by another quote while thinking about the “body” theme for the Creative Every Day Challenge, I created this sketch. Quickly scribbling across my 9 by 12 sketch pad, I pondered the words: “Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.”—Wayne Dyer

In this drawing, I imagined the soul to be a mass of movement and the body nestled within it. I wrote the quote along one side of the figure. Currently I’m working on a mixed painting based on this drawing.

I like rethinking the body this way. My soul definitely deserves more attention. What if we fretted over our souls as much as we do our bodies? What do you think would happen? What if instead of worrying about whether we are thin enough, we worried about whether we are kind enough?


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